Sunday, 10 March 2013

Phillip Island

 (image from Visit Phillip Island)
 (image from Visit Phillip Island)

Tales from our trip to Tokyo, Australia, New-Zealand & Singapore

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Tokyo - <3 SUMO
Tokyo - old & new
Tokyo - Tsukiji fish market
Melbourne & Australian Open
Phillip Island

Phillip Island is an island 140 km from Melbourne. It is often visited by people staying in Melbourne. The main reason that people go there is the wildlife & nature and most importantly the little penguins. There are a large number of companies that offer trips there. It is quite hard to get there via public transport if you want to see the penguins as they come out after dark - the only reasonable way is to take a whole day trip or go there with your own car. We took a one day trip and were quite pleased as we got a good guide who told us all kinds of fun little info. We saw beautiful beaches and coastlines, kengurus, koalas, wallabies in the wild and the day ended with the much anticipated Penguin parade. In the penguin parade you go to a specially built auditorium and wait for about an hour in the silence for the dark to arrive because when the dark comes, the little penguins come to the shore in groups and wander to their homes after being at the sea to get food. The little penguins are so cute! It's amazing that they come to that same place everyday and there's only one other place where these little penguins live - a small number of them live in the south of Australia. Completely fell in love with them. You can't take pictures at the penguin parade so I borrowed a few pics to give you a feel how they look like. If you want to know more about Phillip Island - go to Oh, and here's a video which helps to understand the Penguin parade experience a little better. 

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