Thursday, 21 March 2013

Auckland & Waiheke Island


Tales from our trip to Tokyo, Australia, New-Zealand & Singapore

Tokyo - city of lights and color
Tokyo - <3 SUMO
Tokyo - old & new
Tokyo - Tsukiji fish market
Melbourne & Australian Open
Phillip Island
Great Ocean Road
Auckland & Waiheke Island

After Sydney we flew to Auckland. Auckland is not a very big city and the best thing about it based on our experience was Waiheke Island near the city. We took the much talked about Waiheke Art Walk. It was the most fun I've had on any art display. Here's a little video from some girl who also took the walk and did a little video about it. Maybe makes the whole thing more understandable. You just basically walk in this beautiful environment where there's art pieces placed in the nature. Quite fun. My favorite piece of art was the one on the picture above where the text 'not for sale' was written on the ground.   


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